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ADVANTAGES OF METHOD: The most convenient and secure way to receive coins, you do not need to list any cards. 

REQUIRED: You must have a minimum of 1000 coins before making a deal and your account MUST also have an active transfer market in WebApp. The transfer market is active for accounts that have already played several matches in a few days at FUT. To verify that the market is active, log on to this page, and then select Transfers> Transfer Market. If the page after loading looks like this:

This means that the market is active and we can recharge your account. 

You need to send us necessary info to log on your account. These are: 

  •          WebApp / Origin e-mail, used to sign in to this site
  •          WebApp / Origin password, used to log on this site 
  •          Answer to the security question FUTIf you do not know the answer to the FUT security question, then here (Click here to view). There is a tutorial on how to reset it.
  •          6 Back Up Origin Codes (below how to get them)

         To get 6 Back-Up Origin Codes, you must log on this page. Then go to the Security tab and on the Back-Up Codes press 'View,' as shown in the image below: 

When pressed, "View" will appear to enter the 6-digit EA code that was sent to the e-mail. Please check e-mail and enter the code. Once approved, the 6 Origin Back-Up Codes will appear, as shown in the image below: 

Please copy and paste us all when ordering.



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