In order to sell us coins to FIFA 18, you need to choose platform on which you have coins, and type quantity which you want to sell. To be able to sell us coins, you need to have transfer market activated on your WebApp application.


WARNING: It's important how much coins do you have on your account, not how much coins do you have in general. Pricing for each account is seperate, same as amount in "Guaranteed amount of money if account will be banned during coins transfer" is seperate from each account send to us.


To sell us coins, we need to ask to give us access to your WebApp account. We do not ask for e-mail password, so we can't change any of your account passwords. We don't take account from you, we need just to have access to your account during selling coins from it. You need to leave us as many as possible slots on Transfer List.


You can contact us directly via e-mail: or Skype named 

Select platform Price information How much coins do you want to sell?

From 100K to 20000K: 4.8 EUR for 100K

You will receive: 0,00

From 100K to 15000K: 5.3 EUR for 100K

You will receive: 0,00

From 50K to 1000K: 6.0 EUR for 100K

You will receive: 0,00

From 100K to 15000K: 4.8 EUR for 100K

You will receive: 0,00



Why is it worth to trust us? Why should you outsource the sale of your coins to us instead of trying to do it yourself?


We are a trusted partner, we have already bought a lot of coins from many clients in a few years, over several versions of FIFA. What distinguishes us is the clear presentation of terms before the transaction and its adherence to the deal. We are well aware that in such business, trust is fundamental and everything is done honestly. 

Selling coins is currently associated with the risk of account bans that often occur within a few or ten hours of starting to sell coins from your account. We are aware of this risk and account is emptied so that the person selling us coins could earn as much as possible. In the case of self-selling particularly large coins, remember the ban. A lot of people decide to sell on their own, with a total sale of, e.g., 3 million, sell only 200K to someone and the account will be banned, and earnings will be lost. We do not allow such situations, as evidenced by the amount of the "cover losses in the case of the ban." Its height depends on what terms our regular suppliers offer.


Where does the difference in offered rates of coins appear? Why the largest amount of coins have the lowest stakes per 100k?


This is because we know what the risk of sales and bans is, and we try to manage it cheaply - so that the seller of the coins can earn as much as possible. All the accounts we sell to you are empty within one day, preferably within a few hours. That is why the largest quantities we sell wholesale to foreign partners with whom we cooperate, for significantly reduced prices.

If you are a farmer or supplier of coins and you produce large quantities of coins regularly, you can cooperate with us and supply us with coins on a regular basis. It is then possible to negotiate the conditions and the selling price as well as how the coins are delivered.



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