Player auction (safer method) - how it works?


In order to meet the expectations of the buyers, we present a new, better way of „Players trade”, in which the risk of getting caught by EA Sports has been lowered.


We ask you to remember, though, that it’s a pretty complex and complicated way. For those who wish to buy coins in an easier and even safer manner, we suggest to use "Comfort trade (new, the safest method) [CLICK HERE TO BUY]"


What is the transaction risk?


The chances of a FUT club getting removed for this method are 5-10%. It is the safest method out of those that don’t require providing access to one’s account. The safest method on our website is Comfort Trade (new, the safest method), which hasn’t been detected by EA so far. The method is described in details here: [CLICK] 


How exaclt does it work?


The method consists of putting up players on the transfer list, according to the suggestions displayed on the website during the transaction. You don’t have to know anything before putting up the players, you just have to follow the instructions provided on the website


If you have any doubts regarding the transaction’s progress, we suggest placing an order before asking a question about the transaction’s progress – the forms for putting up players show up before paying for the order, together with detailed instructions on what to do.



One has to remember that:


- Players that are required to finalize a transaction can only be submitted through our website. 


- In the event that you don’t have enough coins to purchase all players required to finalize the order, we can buy some of the players first, and then the others. In such event, the subsequent players for the order have to be submitted through our website. The link to finalize the order will be displayed in the e-mail message you will receive after purchasing the first players for the order.


- We return the amount of coins intended for purchasing special player cards for processing the order. A player’s value has to be adequate to their current market value, which is equal to the lowest buy now amount the player is available on the market for.


Remember that the system on our website will indicate which cards have to be put up during an order. You don’t have to know anything about it beforehand. However, if you want to know how exactly this method works, read the paragraphs below. This knowledge isn’t in any way necessary, though.


Additional information


However, for those interested, we present what this method is like:


- In the event of ordering small amounts we ask to put up several gold cards with a specified buy now price (when placing an order, the system specifies the exact amount the players have to be put up for).


- In the event of ordering a bigger amount, the system starts by asking if you have a big enough amount to purchase a special card that will be needed to process the transaction. The coins used to purchase a special card are returned at a further stage of the transaction. If you don’t have enough coins, first we’ll ask you to put up few cards in order to add enough funds to buy a card that is required to finalize the transaction.


Then the system will show which cards are suggested for finalizing the transaction. Such card has to be purchased on the transfer market and put up for an amount that is not higher than the one specified by the website. One has to also specify how much a particular player was bought for – this amount is added to the order. An order can be processed in multiple parts, which means that in the event of not having coins to purchase all the players required to finalize the order – one can finalize it partially at first. After purchasing players we send an e-mail confirmation together with a link to where to put other players for the order. 


Players cannot be submitted over e-mail or through any other means of contact but the website. It arises from the fact that the website automatically calculates what part of the order has been finalized.



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